Heck Yeah Cytology!

A fine assortment of interesting, perplexing, and down right awesome things from the world of veterinary hematology and cytology...

Aspirate from an oral lesion from a 9 year-old, male-castrated Domestic Shorthair.  So no really pathology was evident in this sample….but it did show something super cool!!  Do you notice all those roly polies?!?!?!  Well of course they are not actual roly polies, but instead are stacks of an organism called Simonsiella.  This little bacteria is normal ‘flora’ of the mouth – we all have a TON of it – and likes to live in little colonies resembling our roly poly friends.  In rare cases, they are documented to exacerbate oral ulcers in dogs….in super rare cases…


Also, I sincerely apologize for the recent gap in my posts!  I was away last week and SADLY will be away this coming week as well.  However, I will do my best to get some tasty cytos for you from a distance!

  • 7 October 2013
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